Monday, 15 June 2015

The Greek drama

Will they or won't they crash out of the Eurozone? The FTSE 100 is down nearly 5% with the worry in recent days / weeks - is that signalling they think the Greeks aren't worth that much, or that they believe the IMF and Eurogroup preserve the status quo?

Certainly the latter if you subscribe to this theory:  The predictability of wealthy white people

Or maybe not if those hard liners have their way.

The next question is whether now is a good time to chuck some of my accumulated cash into the market?

Assuming the recent falls have been entirely due to Greece alone, and an eleventh hour deal solves the issue once and for all, an assumed 5% spring back in market indices isn't really that brilliant a return to put my cash at risk now with so much uncertainty.

When I buy shares directly, I buy one at a time for hopefully the right reasons. Given this situation, with shares being hit across the board, I would be more tempted to buy an index tracker to benefit from a cheaper valuation across a more diversified base, but it's not quite enticing enough at the moment, so I'll leave it for now*.

But what about the #FOMO? Well, if there is a big rebound following a deal then all my other investments will spring back too and I'll feel richer anyway and would be happy in that!

*As always, the decision to invest or not lies with you and you should always do your own homework and come to your own conclusions. I am not a financial advisor and the above should not be taken as advice or in any way other than my own opinion and musings on the state of the world!

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